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The fees charged for services may be based on an hourly rate, a mutually agreed upon daily charge, or a fixed price depending on the nature of the project.  The method used for determining fees  depends on several factors including the number and type of objects included in the appraisal, or historic study, or other service provided. 


Once the scope of the project is agreed upon, an estimate of the cost will be presented to the client.  If for any reason, it becomes clear that additional work and/or more time is required to complete the service the customer will be consulted immediately and no additional charges will accrue without his/her consent.  Increases in fees are rare and most frequently arise when the scope of work grows or the client decides they want to use the appraisal for a purpose other than the one originally decided upon.


​When an hourly charge is determined to be the most appropriate fee structure it will be based on a rate of $125/hour. Most appraisals take four hours to complete, with an additional hour for each additional item within a category of personal property, e.g. furniture, crystal/glassware, prints.


It is not appropriate to charge a percentage of the value of appraised property in determining fees.  Jim will provide an estimate of the cost of an appraisal after determining the purpose and scope of the project and the date by which the report is needed.

Please contact Jim  with the purpose for the appraisal, a description of the item(s) to be appraised, and a telephone number.


Certain out-of-pocket expenses, e.g. for travel, postage, etc. will be agreed upon at the time fees are negotiated and included in the contract.

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