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The intended use of an appraisal is determined during a consultation that may be in-person, over the telephone, or through e-mail communications.  In some instances individuals may find that a consultation provides sufficient information for their needs.  In other instances Jim will request additional information to clarify the customer's needs and objectives.  


Jim works with clients to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the differences in asset values that arise from the intended use of the appraisal report.  In addition, he reviews factors such as the condition of assets, and market forces that may influence valuation.   

Appraisal reports are prepared for the following purposes:

  • Insurance coverage

  • Loan collateralization

  • Liquidation/Sale

  • Non-cash charitable contributions

  • Equitable distribution

  • Fair asking or buying prices and preferred markets

  • Federal or state estate tax liabilities

On an agreed upon date Jim will provide the client with a proposal for services, which contains a synopsis of the consultation.  The proposal will present the following information:


  • The scope of work  - Including the number and types of assets to be incorporated in the appraisal

  • Time frame required to complete the assignment and a commitment as to the date when it will be finished

  • Information about what will be included in the appraisal

  • Fees and a schedule of re-imburseable expenses


Jim will discuss the proposal with the client and answer questions to clear up any outstanding issues.  Once an agreement has been reached he provides the customer with a contract.  Once this document is signed and returned, along with and an initial payment for services equal to 50% of the agreed upon fee, Jim will begin work on the assignment. 

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