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Dear Jim:


     Thanks greatly for the wonderful Drover document. The Fair Market Value for the" Highland Drover's Departure For The South" is irrelevant to me. Your appraisal letter gives it a million dollar personal value. Thank you so very much I had no idea you were going to such effort to create such a masterpiece. I am overwhelmed but immensely appreciative.

     The engraving has always had especial meaning to both my wife  and me because it depicted a long gone era with great poignancy and a Celtic heritage for which both of us are particularly proud. And as you mentioned reflecting on the fun we had in literally "digging it up" was a bonus. 

     Your appraisal work is outstanding!  Thanks again for your splendid work. 

Best wishes,



Highland Drovers Departure for the South

Dear Jim,


     On my flight today I read the appraisal twice through.  It is extremely informative… thank you for providing all the back ground on the Edo Period, the other artists around that time, and the processes of making the print. …There are many things that piqued my interest.  

     Thank you again, the report is wonderful – very complete, interesting, full of things to explore further.  And a valuation. 



Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.53.20 AM.png

Dear Jim,

Received your appraisal for the still life flower painting. Thanks so much.

It’s very helpful to know the value for insurance purposes, etc., but what a wonderful

surprise to read in your report that you were able to track down the

artist and provide me with more information about the painting’s provenance. 

Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. And, what a nice ending to the appraisal story. I’m glad to know that after decades of the artist wondering what happened to the painting you were able to tell her who currently owns it.


Thanks again for your great work,

Bill M.

Dear Mr. Hanley,


I am writing to thank you for the excellent appraisal report on the African ivory figures. 

I know it was a difficult assignment because I had no background information to give you. As you know, I inherited the pieces and was very young at the time (early 1960s) that my father served as a U.S. ambassador in Africa and my parents were collecting. But, against the odds, you did a great job. Not only did you provide detailed artistic/cultural information about the figures with the appraisal, but all the relevant facts about the current, and clearly strict, laws governing the ownership and sale of ivory. Much appreciated.




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