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Appraisal Report

The appraisal will be delivered to the client, in printed form, on the agreed upon date of delivery.  This report will be prepared in accordance with the standards for best practices in the field.

Appraisal reports are unique to the purpose and the property evaluated in them.  Nevertheless, reports that will be sent to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or to an insurance company contain the following information:

  • Client’s Name and Address

  • Purpose of the Appraisal

  • Type and Definition of Valuation Used

  • Valuation Approach Used

  • Definition of Market Used

  • Market Analysis

  • Provenance

  • Statement of Professional Qualifications of Appraiser

  • Effective date of Appraisal

  • Statement of Physical Inspection

  • Statement of “disinterest” on the part of the Appraiser

  • Statement of Assumptions and Limiting Conditions.

  • Description of Appraised Objects

  • Biography of the Artist

  • Exhibition and Publication History

  • Statement of Condition

  • Comparables

  • Firm Statement of Value

  • Signature of Appraiser(s)

Jim is available to discuss his findings, and to answer any questions for clients to ensure a clear understanding of the values he provides.

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